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The Best Books 2021: Art, Architecture, Design

Whether you’re looking to give the gift of creative inspiration to a loved one or you want to up your personal library game, this list will serve as your guide to some of the greatest art, architecture and design titles of 2021.

So, without further ado:

  • Woman Made contests the narrative that design is a man's world. Featuring more than 200 designers from over 50 countries, this compelling book details the ways in which women have driven the design industry since the beginning.

  • Enter: Flower Flash, the behind-the-scenes look into celebrated floral designer Lewis Miller's signature Flower Flashes. This gorgeous compilation of images brings the reader into Miller’s colorful world, exploring his inspirations and passions in New York City and beyond.

  • Santa Fe Modern is the first survey of modernist and contemporary architecture and interiors in Santa Fe, NM. This book explores the relationship between bold, harsh landscape and abstract, modernist homes and structures.

  • This colossal 720-page volume, compiled by Simon ‘Woody’ Wood, founder of the Sneaker Freaker magazine, contains 900 vintage images with a narrative full of insider stories and historical revelations. This fashion forward book is perfect for any and all trendsetters on your list.

  • This global atlas contains images and stories of over 400 interiors from the past eight decades. Including a wide variety of styles, design philosophies and cultural backgrounds, this book is a great gift for anyone interested in the intersection of culture and design.

  • This photography book, the first by beloved photographer Simon Upton, places emphasis on the interiors of New York, highlighting projects from the Hamptons to the city. In this book, readers will find a range of styles and angles, each shining new light on what it means to live in New York.

  • Written by experts in the field, this volume reveals some of Wright’s most complicated and useful design tools that he employed to create exceptional architecture, interiors, and landscapes. This book aims to answer one question: what lessons can we glean from the life of Frank Lloyd Wright?

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