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Brand Bio: Lotta Blobs

Meet Shantelle - the founder and designer behind Lotta Blobs. Growing up in London, Shantelle knew she wanted to be an artist. Today, she is not only the brain behind Lotta Blobs but also a graphic designer, meaning she made her childhood dreams into reality.  

The idea for Lotta Blobs came to Shantelle only a few days before she first debuted her work on Instagram. Now, her releases sell out in minutes. Lotta Blobs and the mirrors work to “add a touch of color and fun to everyone’s reflection.” 

The blob mirrors come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from circles to larger rectangles. She uses several different colors to allow her customers to customize their mirror to fit their lifestyle and preferences. 

Some fun facts about Shantelle:

  • She is always searching for unique, one-of-a-kind homeware

  • She loves comedy podcasts 

  • She hates the color purple, but doesn’t mind lilac

We’re so inspired by Shantelle’s drive to create and her passion for art. Although she is a self described introvert, her work demands attention and glowing affection. Her work is a true testament to her perfectionism and creativity.

Unfortunately the Lotta Blobs shop is currently sold out but you can follow her on Instagram at @lottablobs and check out the website to stay up to date on all of her new releases! 

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